It's National See-A-Show Day!: SIX Questions with jackbenny

jackbenny, the dynamic musical duo comprised of twin brothers Jack and Benny Lipson, is exactly what the music industry and the world need right now. They are young, grounded in tradition, bounding towards what's next in the world of sound, and always refreshing. On the eve of their upcoming show National See-A-Show Day!, debuting at...

Jackbenny @ LBT 10/26/18 - Cabaret HotSpot!

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson Photography ©2018 Twin brothers, and singer/songwriters, Jack and Benny Lipson (collectively known as Jackbenny) have a lot going for them. Both equally good looking, as one would expect. And both evenly matched on stage, Jack plays piano, and Benny the bass. And, more importantly, the music...

State of the Arts with jackbenny| LA Talk Radio

jackbenny sits down with State of the Arts to discuss their style, upbringing and upcoming projects


I talk to musical theater star Valerie Perri about her background, her career and her family. I also speak to her sons, twin composers Jack and Benny Lipson, and we hear a selection from their song cycle "Brainstorm" performed at a recent Musi-Cal.

Jackbenny! -

Jack Benny. No ... not that Jack Benny. Allow me to introduce jackbenny ... LA native identical twin brothers Jack and Benny Lipson! These guys are my new entertainment obsession! Some background: after years of studying, performing, and writing a wide range of music individually, the brothers united to birth the project jackbenny, injecting musical theatre storytelling into a gamut of [...]


The singing, songwriting twins known professionally as jackbenny (and individually as Jack and Benny Lipson) have set up monthly residency at Silver Lake's Lyric Hyperion Café, guaranteeing audiences two hours a month of original music, laughter, an occasional cover, and a guest artist (or two or three) to spice up the already savory mix.

Jack and Benny Lipson, Bohemian Musical Duo Known as jackbenny, Make NYC Debut at Duplex Nov. 9 - By Kenneth Jones

The Los Angeles-based musical duo of Jack and Benny Lipson, twin brothers who write songs, make music and perform together and with friends as the band jackbenny, will make their New York City debut at The Duplex in Greenwich Village 7 PM Nov. 9. Their vibe is hard to explain.

'On the Go': a Myanmar musical adventure with LA band jackbenny | Coconuts Yangon

The brothers behind jackbenny - a cheery LA-based band with a message of love and diversity - tell us about the unexpected audiences they found around Myanmar.